Functional Healing


Stephen Armstrong

During my first few years as an acupuncturist I became somewhat disillusioned by the number of clients improving with treatment and then falling back into sickness, so I set out to find what was wrong. In our modern age everything is more or less available 24/7 and yet sickness is affecting people at a younger and younger age. Consequently people are getting sick and feeling old before their time.

My research took me on a journey around the world looking for something special, something that would sort everyone! Eventually I came back to the beginning and the realisation that good health is about not abusing the body by polluting it with harmful chemicals, stress and under nourishment. 

Simple to say – but not so easy.

This is how Functional Healing became a major part of my life and my practice. I found that those clients who could implement change into their lives as part of their treatment plan were able to heal faster, and return to a level of vitality that had become just a memory.

 I found that the “quick fix” or “magic pill” that I (and so many others) had been searching for ….. well it just doesn’t exist! 

In many respects our lives have become easier than previous generations, and yet we pay a huge price for the “convenience” of everything, and that price is our health. Our bodies have become more depleted in the nutrients needed for “optimum” health. What with modern farming (pharming!) practices, the high levels of radio and microwave (EMF) pollution, and so many chemicals/plastics we contact on a daily basis. This is all unnatural, its foreign to the human body and adds to the burden our bodies are struggling to keep in check.

I have further studied in phlebotomy, autoimmune conditions, and keep abreast of current research around the contributory roles of nutrition and the environmental factors and key causal mechanisms involved with autoimmunity.

Making changes to your diet and lifestyle, along with acupuncture treatment can stimulate your immune system to become optimally “functional” again.

A Functional Healing treatment starts with a consultation to discuss problems, lifestyle, diet, emotions, hopes, fears and wishes and the direction in which you wish to take your life. I use a combination of techniques and strategies to help you. These may include acupuncture, dietary changes, Supplements, Spagyrics and more. I will support and guide you as you make positive changes to your life.

If you would like guidance in making change in your lifestyle that could lead to improved health and vitality and are not sure were to start, contact me for an appointment and I’ll do my best to get you back on track.